I want to make my phone send audio and receive it

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I want to make my phone receive audio and act as a mic at the same time


Im Using a Xiome 9 pro 5g
And im using a PC not a laptop

AudioRelay 1.0.0

Please try this version.
Let me know if this works OK for you.

Hello! Im using the new version of this app on android. and there isn’t a page called Server for me. Do i need to get the premium version or not ,for it to work?

Ohh Nevermind i downloaded the other version of the App! Thanks You Helped!

Umm ,soo i connected it but i can hear myself and everyone can hear my audio thru my mic. is there any way to fix that?

If you can hear yourself, does that mean that you’ve selected VB-Cable in both the server and the player screens?

If that's the case (click here) This would mean that you've selected VB-Cable input as your PC's default output device. Which would send all your PC's audio on VB-Cable output. (If you closed AudioRelay, everybody could hear your PC's audio if you selected VB-Cable output in Discord for example)

To fix this, you need to select another audio device in the server screen. In the end, the audio would flow this way:

From your PC: Other audio device → AudioRelay (over the network) → phone speakers or headphones
From your phone: Mic’s phone → AudioRelay (over the network) → VB-Cable input → VB-Cable Output → Discord (or else)

If can’t select another audio device, let me know.

Otherwise (click here) Please let me know what audio devices you've selected in the server and player screens.