How to stream AudioRelay audio to another app on the same device

I have successfully streamed the audio from the PC to Android. Now, I need to stream the audio to another app on the same device.
What I want to do is stream the audio from AudioRelay to a Chrome website that provides ASR (automatic speech recognition) and other glossary-based capabilities.

I am an interpreter and I want to stream the Zoom audio from my headsets to the Android device. I have successfully streamed a YouTube video from the PC to the Android device, so I am assuming that it will work with Zoom. Will try this afternoon with a job I have.

Now, I need to stream the sound streamed to my Android via AudioRelay to the Chrome app on the same Android device since the ASR service is Chrome-based. I know I can get Zoom to transcribe the meeting, but I am interested in the glossary-based features that this site offers, so I need to be able to stream the audio to get this website to “listen” to the audio playing on the Android.

Hope I explained myself.


  • Acer Swift SF314-41
  • Ram 16Gb
  • Windows 10 64 bits
  • AudioRelay 0.24.3


  • Android 11
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 - SM-T570
  • AudioRelay 0.24.6

Any help will be much appreciated.


Apps on Android can’t redirect audio into other Android apps.
To feed your Zoom audio to a website, you’ll have to use your PC with something such as VB Cable.
Besides playing the audio via phone’s speaker and make the site record your phone’s microphone, I can’t see a way to do that on Android.

Thank you very much for your insight.

I will try your suggestion and see what happens. I had already tried VB Cable, but probably didn’t set it right. Any tips?

Thanks again.

When using VB-Cable you have 2 devices:

  • Cable Input: A playback device where you send audio into
  • Cable Output: A recording device which you tell applications to listen to

In your case, you’d make the website listen to Cable Output.
And try to send Zoom’s audio into Cable Input.

If you want to listen to the audio on your Android device while also feeding the audio to the website (on your PC), you can do this:

  • Set Cable Input as your PC’s default playback device (or only in Zoom)
  • In AudioRelay for Desktop, in the server screen, set the audio device as Cable Input (Setting Cable Output should also work)
  • In the website, select Cable Output as the “microphone”

Is this something that’d work for you?

Thanks again Asapha for your help. I really appreciate it.

Not sure what I tried because I was messing around and changing options when they did not appear to work.

I will follow your clear instructions tomorrow and get back to you here. It’s past 11 pm where I live and I need to get up early tomorrow. :grinning


Hi Asapha,

I wasn’t able to test your recommendation as the Zoom meeting was cancelled at the last minute.

I will try it as soon as I have another meeting. Might take 10-15 days but I will definitely get back to you.

Have a great weekend.