Help on how to make the audio output on the phone only

The app works as intended. I’m just wondering if there is a setting where you can make the audio output of a laptop only output on the phone. If I play music on my laptop, it also plays it on my laptop speaker as well as on my phone. I would like to know if there are steps to make it so that my laptop speakers will not also play sounds when in use.

Apparently, it works now after connecting and reconnecting it three times. It didn’t work on the latest version initially. Then I used the 0.9.1 version, it still didn’t work. I reinstalled the latest version and turned off the eventsync option and it worked.

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Hi @Biznet,

Just to be clear, when you say that it now works, do you mean that you can mute the PC?

Or that AudioRelay didn’t work at all? e.g: you could connect but there was not sound coming from the app at all.

I simply mute my laptop audio. It doesn’t affect the WiFi stream.

I am also having this problem. I cant mute the pc because it will mute the music played to my phone. I had turned off the eventsync option but it didnt help.