Fixed the delay problem when activating the buffer

First sorry for my bad English.

I noticed that when the buffer is turned on, there is a delay as long as the buffer, which is not suitable for watching movies or playing games.
But AudioRelay uses a virtual sound driver that captures the sound of the desired network card and sends it to the application.
Now, if that virtual driver sends the sound received from the sound card, with the same delay as the buffer set in the application, the problem will be completely solved.
for example:

Buffer set in server: 2000(ms)
Latency offset in virtual sound drive -2000(ms).

In this case, the user does not receive any sound in the first 2 seconds, but after that he receives the sound without any problem.
which can solve the problem in many cases, especially in watching movies.

I don’t know if it works in games or not. This should be tested :upside_down_face: