Error during installation (.NET Framework 4.6.2, code 5100)

everything ok till i am right about to end the installation for pc i got :
“.NET Framework 4.6.2 failed,code 5100”
it tells me to restart my computer and try again,already made this 2 times and it keeps giving me this error,what can i do?
PD: sorry for my bad english,i am just a 14yo colombian


here what happens when i click “anular”,what means cancel
fallo 2

Hi @juandicorrea70,

The code 5100 suggests that the PC doesn’t meet the requirements to install the .NET Framework.
Maybe there’s not enough space in your disk or your Windows version is too old.

Windows 7 SP1 at minimum is required.

You could try to install the .NET framework directly from here

If that doesn’t work, please tell me your Windows version and how much space you have left.