Does anyone know an alternative to this program that actually works?

This program is not working. Does anyone know an alternative that actually works and is actively supported?

If you are on Linux, you can download Audio Sharing from Flathub. To install, first set up Flatpak and Flathub. Then, go to the app store page I linked to, then click “Install”, open the file that gets downloaded, and click “Install” again on the window that opens.

Unfortunately, this app lacks some niceties available in AudioRelay but is compatible with any mobile app that supports RTSP streaming (e.g. VLC).

actively supported

Audio Sharing is a member of the GNOME Circle program which means it’s one of the main focuses of development by the GNOME foundation developers. GNOME is one of the largest organizations that contributes to the Linux desktop landscape, so I can say that it being “actively supported” is an understatement.