Disable volume control while streaming from Windows to Android


I’m using Bluetooth hearing aids on my Android. If I connect AudioRelay to stream from my Windows PC it will change the android volume according to whatever is set in the pc server. The problem here is that this will change hearing aid settings. But HA volume control works differently then regular volume control (it controls more the compression, i. e. loudness, and mix between Bluetooth and ha mics instead of the volume).

So I’d like to disable the link and leave the android volume control as is. Can this be somehow achieved in the android app? The Bluetooth setting for absolute volume control in the developer settings doesn’t seem to work for ASHA devices.

Thanks a lot!


Android 14
Pixel 8
AudioRelay 0.26.1
Bluetooth Hearing Aids connected via Bluetooth LE - ASHA

Windows 11
AudioRelay 0.27.5

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