Default equalizer no working

Audio is not equalized by system default equalizer on phone.

This is very important as my phone (Xperia XZs) has amazing audio output and I want to use it as DAC with default equalizer.

Also low frequency sounds (Bass) are not streamed at all even after selecting AudioTrack? (I’m a premium user)

Please help, This is an amazing app and I want it to be even more amazing :slight_smile:


In addition to selecting AudioTrack, please ensure that Request low latency is switched off too. This option is also present in the Audio Output screen.

For the low frequency sounds, could you please retry with the Audio quality option set to uncompressed?

Let me know if this helps :+1:

Hi Team,

I have already done those changes to improve audio quality.
Still I’m facing same issue. Audio is not routing through system default equalizer and low frequency sounds are not playing :worried:

Note: I’m using USB mode.

Also, Audio quality option is set to uncompressed.

Hello Nagesh,

I couldn’t find anything that would cause the equalizer to not work. :thinking:
Does it happen in other apps too?

Could you see if it’s the same with VLC? It’s using Audiotrack by default and the implementation for equalizers is nearly the same as in AudioRelay.

My fix was to simply to install an equalizer on windows; Equalizer APO did it for me.