Crash on ArchLinux


Audiorelay 0.27.5-5 crashing on ArchLinux unless run as root in which case it doesnt run properly because it can’t detect any devices, logs here:

Audio system is pipewire

$ audiorelay     
2024-03-29 16:29:15:911 [INFO] Version: 0.27.5, os: Linux, osVersion: 6.8.1-zen1-1-zen
2024-03-29 16:29:16:066 [INFO] Initializing locale to en
2024-03-29 16:29:16:098 [INFO] Network addresses: NetworkInfo(broadcastAddresses=[], localAddresses=[])
2024-03-29 16:29:16:103 [INFO] Starting the server...
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'
  what():  basic_string::_M_construct null not valid
/usr/bin/audiorelay: line 14: 125612 Aborted                 (core dumped) archlinux-java-run -a 17 -- "${java_options[*]}" -Djava.library.path="$APPDIR/misc" -cp "$(eval echo "$app_classpath")" "$app_mainclass" "$@"

Can you try to download the archive file (.tar.gz), extract it and run it instead?

What happens when you do run through this file? Do you need to run it with sudo or does it work without sudo? Let me know and I can try to help out. Also, what is your current installation method? Did you use the archive or did you download it from AUR?

If done with AUR, how about removing the package altogether and install it again?

Same issue with the same log output when I try to run it from that link.

It does not launch with sudo

I install it from AUR and have re installed it multiple times.

So I’ve tried replacing the with the one you can install with the rtaudio (6.0.1) package and audiorelay launches but doesnt work because of JNI link errors probably because its not built for the newer rtaudio version. Honestly the only solution I can see here is if the dev updated audiorelay with a newer version of rtaudio, or maybe use a different backend like portaudio…