Constant Sqeualing or Echoing or White Noise after connection on Linux


On connecting my tablet to the laptop, a white noise starts occurring. It seems that when your laptop’s microphone is enabled, the mic picks up activity from the surrounding and transmits it to the tablet. This causes an echo or white noise.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install AudioRelay on Ubuntu 23.10 or KDE Neon OS.
  2. If required install libflac8 dependency as Ubuntu 23 runs on libflac12.
  3. Connect with the android device.
  4. Listen to the whitenoise. If unable to listen, increase the volume on the tablet.
  5. Note: If you don’t increase the volume, you basically won’t be able to listen to anything. If you increase the volume, you start hearing something but also the white noise turns up.


Device A: Laptop
Linux OS namely

  1. Ubuntu 23.10
  2. KDE Neon
    AudioRelay 0.27.5

Device B: For Speaker
Android 13
AudioRelay 0.26.1

This is caused by AudioRelay thinking that the mic input is the system’s audio output. You can see my solution here.