Connection timed out


I start the server and it doesnt let my device connect to the pc.

Android 14
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
AudioRelay 0.0.17

Windows 11
AudioRelay 0.27.5

I have what seems to be the same problem.

Been using audio relay successfully in the past from my phone to PC, but today when I try to connect to my PC from my phone I get the error message: Can’t Connect. The connection is temporarily down or something is blocking it.

I can ping my PC’s IP Address from my phone and can ping my phone’s IP Address from my PC.

I can also connect from my PC to my phone (phone acting as a server).

But I can’t connect from my phone to my PC (PC acting as the server).

nothing is using port 59100 on my PC, until I open Audio relay, then port 59100 is in use. So it looks like Audio relay is able to use port 59100.

Nevermind. At some point my home network was configured as PUBLIC instead of PRIVATE and the Windows Firewall was blocking all PUBLIC traffic for AudioRelay. Windows Firewall was setup correctly for PRIVATE networks so as soon as I changed the Win10 Network Profile for my home ethernet to PRIVATE, then I was able to start making connections from my phone to AudioRelay on my computer.

I love this product btw! Thanks for developing it

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I found a fix! So anyways, I had (& technically still have) this issue too occasionally - where my Android phone won’t connect to my Windows computer. My phone app lists the server; but while it seems to connect for a couple seconds if I try to manually connect, it never really does connect and instead simply gives an error which appears & then very quickly disappears over the bottom of the app’s screen.

So, what is the fix? While I don’t know the logic as to what is happening in the first place, the fix is actually absurdly simple. On your phone, simply disable wifi, wait a few of seconds, and then re-enable it. Now, the Android device will connect to the Windows AudioRelay server without issue.

P.S. I created my account here simply to provide this answer to anyone seeking it as I once did. I did not find a solution online but rather only by troubleshooting… & by dumb luck. Lol.