Can't restore premium purchase

In Google Play store, I have purchased ‘premium purchase v4’, but I can’t restore. Please help me.

This can happen if you have multiple Google accounts in your device.

Please try this

  • Uninstall the app
  • From your PC, go here
  • Make sure you’re logged in the correct Google account and install the app remotely

Let me know if this worked!

Thank you, but my purchase still won’t work. I tried to subscribe monthly premium(M099), the app recognize my purchase successfully. Furthermore, I have deleted other Google accounts on my device before reinstall the app. Btw, is it the right way to restore purchase by tapping on the refresh button on the purchase page?

P.S. I tried reinstall the app again, and it immediately restore the M099 purchase, but no luck with the V4 one.

If everything works, you shouldn’t need to click on the button. The app checks for purchases every time you come back to it.

I checked your email on my end and I could see both of your purchases. I’m guessing that there’s a cache issue in your Google Play Store app. (AudioRelay communicates to the app behind the scene)

If you haven’t done so, could you try to clear the app data of the Google Play Store?

thx for ur reply! I found the v4 purchase worked after the 7 day free trial ended. Thx very much!

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