Cannot listen anything suddenly

Hearing nothing with app. Phone app is continuing retrying and pc app isn’t getting status. Pc and phone are properly online and I gave proper up to thwne phone app.


Does it work again if you temporarily disable the Windows firewall?

If so:

  • Re-enable the firewall
  • Click on the check firewall button in the server
  • Click on restart
  • Click on the apply button
  • Try to connect the Android app

I will check turning off the firewall later. Now tell me how to use USB cable instead?

You can use USB tethering to create a connection via USB, here’s the documentation.
Let me know if this isn’t clear enough!

the trick of turning off firewall didn’t work. The app is working properly after completely resetting pc. By the by, I download apps more than other people. Would you please give me tips so that thus proble (as I posted) doesn’t happen anymore?

Idk what caused your issue but this problem is often fixed by simply restarting the app on your phone on LG G7’s

I know that restrating the app changes firewall rule and let the phone be connected. I posted here when restarting app didn’t solve the problem. I don’t know the reason of the problem. Though it’s solved now after resetting the pc.