Big latency after silence

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Big latency after starting audio from pc and the current buffer is 0ms Average N/A Max N/A


Please note the model and versions of your devices.
For example, if you’re trying to connect a phone to a laptop:

Android 8
P10 Lite
AudioRelay 0.24.6
I don’t see this occur with the old 0.12.1 from Play Store.

Windows 10
AudioRelay 32-bit 0.12.5 or 64-bit0.24.3

Thanks for the details, I couldn’t reproduce the issue but it should no longer be a problem with the new desktop version (0.24.7). You can force an update check through the app’s settings.

That seams to resolve the problem.
Now I try to find why I get Latency spikes and the sound gets a small crackling even if the WiFi is at least 1 meter from the phone and the PC is conected to it.