Bad audio when phone screen is on

I get some packet loss and audio clipping. Loss percentage is around 13%. The weird thing is that when I close the screen on my phone audio starts playing perfectly with no clipping. It works out for me cause I use the app to watch movies but I thought I’d mention it. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else or the devs. I’m running the app on Android 10.

Hello @desum,

That’s definitely strange!
What’s your device?

The device is maybe de-prioritizing the network in order provide more processing power for the UI??

Is there any difference if you navigate to these different screens?

  • Your home screen
  • The main screen of AudioRelay
  • The settings screen of AudioRelay

The phone is an Honor 10. Navigating to these screens doesn’t seem to help. Changing the audio output to AudioTrack with low latency off helps a bit but it’s not as smooth as turning off the screen (there is still audio clipping but not as frequent).

It probably helps because there’s more buffer when using AudioTrack.

Although they were for the reverse situation, you could maybe try the suggestions outlined here.

To be sure that the issue isn’t just affecting AudioRelay, could you try to ping your phone and see if you notice a difference between screen on and off?

How to ping

(Your phone’s IP address should be shown in the advanced menu of your Wifi settings.)

After some ping testing I noticed that the phone was dropping packets when the screen was on (around 5%). No packet drops when the screen was off, so I guess it was an issue with the phone after all I just never noticed. After resetting to factory settings everything works fine. Thanks a lot @Asapha I appreciate the help!