AudioRelay won't connect to server after changing the router


U read that right we just upgraded our ISP plan to fiber, changed the router and when I tried to connect my pc to android audio relay, it just won’t find it, it says can’t find any server… I need help




You’ll need to check if your devices can communicate between each other.

Does sending pings between your devices work?
On Android you could use this app.

Also, some excerpt from the FAQ:

Your router could be preventing devices from communicating between them. You could search for one of these terms in your router settings and deactivate the option if not needed:

  • AP (access point) isolation
  • Client Isolation
  • Guest Mode
  • Port isolation
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Please do this:

  • Write your router’s model. We’ll maybe find some instructions
  • Confirm that is the IP address displayed in the AudioRelay for Desktop app

You could also contact your ISP and ask why your devices can no longer communicate between each other. If there’s a setting to change, they’ll know about it.

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Hi sorry for late reply took me a week to realize that I need to login as admin in my router instead of user and find and disable “port isolation” that did it thanks alot <3

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