AudioRelay PC to Viper4android

Before starting I would like to thank this Developer and his Team for an outstanding our Work.

Viper4android is an audio processor and manager apk and runs with root access to provide system wide audio effects to your smartphone device, The result is truly amazing and so far since we have use android I have yet to encounter a challenger as the premiere audio efx manager in android,
Our group Storm Pro Audio are premiere IRS Convolver designers or producers which means we produces these Impulse Responds Files (IRS) to be used in viper. You load our IRS and hear the unlimited audio efx you have never heard before, truly,

Storm is the most active producer of IRS Convolver these past two years for Viper app.

Viper for Windows 10
This is a solution we at Storm Group have long tested and finally we can say its fully stable and we would like to announce its success. Our main concern is the latency but now we knw it happened and how best to avoid them. Hopefully these tutorials and tips hekos all of you to use audiorelay and Viper to its full potential

Checklist Windows PC…

  • Ensure you have the best and most updated Audio drivers Installed
  • Ensure AudioRelay app has a Firewall Rule in your Windows firewall or in whichever Firewall you have install. This will save you hours of troubleshooting
  • We have tested many soundcard USB external mini soundcards , Inbuilt Realtek Soundcards, Expensive SoundBlaster soundcards, also few DAC
    For best results our tests shows the inbuilt soundcard that are embed on your pc mobo eg, the Realtek’s HD Audio provides the best quality with low noise and the most lowest latency,
    If you’re using WIFI ensure its in same network