AudioRelay keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Hello, so my problem that AudioRelay keeps disconencting and reconnecting every minute or few seconds
version on android 0.24.9
version on pc 0.24.7

Hi @theniki,

Could you please provide the logs from the desktop app? You can find them via the settings screen.

Logs from the android app could also help but it’s a bit more complicated at the moment.

The Android app doesn’t store log messages itself so using ADB is necessary.
You would need to do these steps:

  • Get ADB and enable USB debugging
  • Open a terminal
  • Confirm that your device is available via the command adb devices
  • Type adb logcat --clear to remove all the previous logs
  • Type adb logcat > logcat-output.txt to write the new logs to a file
  • In the Android App, try to connect to the server via USB tethering
  • In the terminal, stop the log collection by doing CTRL C
  • Post the logcat-output.txt file here

Acutally now everything works pretty good, so i guess you can close this ticket. if the problem reappeared, I will contact you again.
Thanks :slight_smile: