AudioRelay isn't picking up my phone when I try to use it as a mic?

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I fixed my previous issue by using a USB cable, my phone can receive audio from my PC now, but now I have a different issue, I can’t use the “use phone as a mic” feature? I’m using USB and when I start hosting mic on my phone, it doesn’t pop up in the servers tab, and if I try to directly connect to it through the IP it just loads for a bit then kicks me out, could someone help? (sending audio to my phone is fine btw)

Android 11
OPPO A5 2020
AudioRelay 26.1 (Playstore Version)

Asus, Windows 10
AudioRelay 27.5 (Downloaded through

Alright, so now if I type in my phone’s IP it connects, but the pc is N/A? the phone shows up normally.