AudioRelay for Android 9 (more old version)

Add AudioRelay for old versions
“AudioRelay Lite”
For who have old phones.
I want share this because for people see the New version know cant use because the phone is old.

The minimum version is Android 5, which is old enough! And a lot older than Android 9.
There’s maybe another issue at play, on which model couldn’t you install the app?

dont are bug or a big problem
But the lasted version need Android 10
And im cant get the old version
In the Audio Relay app (PC) he say need Android 10
My phone is 9, and when i connect there is no sound.

Sorry for my bad inglish

There’s a requirement for Windows 10 for the new drivers.
And another one for Android 10 in order to send your Android’s phone to your PC.

Your issue isn’t related to either of that I think.
Could you please send the logs from the desktop app?
In the Settings tab, there’s a button to access them.

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