Audiorelay does not work in Arch Linux

Hello! Immediately forgive me for the crooked English

I want to transfer sound from a smartphone to Linux. Of course I used this program. But the problem is that the microphone does not work on Arch Linux. The video shows that I connected a microphone and went to the site to check it, but the sites wrote that the microphone was not found.
Okay, but there is no microphone in the sound settings either. This is already strange.
I also tried to record the sound via telegram, but nothing worked.
Fine. There is another problem that may be related to the first. When I go into easyeffects, there is also no microphone, but the RT device plays audio and I hear myself.

I don’t know exactly what data to provide about my device, so here it is:

Arch Linux (Linux 6.6.10-arch1-1)
I installed the program like this: yay -S -y audiorelay (in the terminal)
I use pipewire

Here is a link to the cofig I used. I found it right there on the forum: Audio not recorded on Pop OS

VIDEO: 2024-01-14 23-01-26.mp4 - Google Drive

p.S: I had a similar problem on Debian 12 with pulseaudio. Perhaps this will not give anything, but still for reference