Audiorelay (and any other similar service) doesn't work with openVPN installed

Hello dev!
Great service, been enjoying it a lot.

Today it stopped working and I got the error “The TCP connection to stopped working”.
I tried VBCable but that didn’t help.
What did help, was uninstalling OpenVPN that I had installed yesterday. It wasn’t even running in the background and yet audiorelay was having this issue. I checked the little tray at the right bottom corner on the taskbar (windows).

I don’t NEED OpenVPN right now but if even having it just installed (not running) is causing an issue then it’s a problem. I hope this helps.

Hi @_ri ,

I’ve tried with OpenVPN Connect and it didn’t affect AudioRelay.

I’ve also installed the community download which, also, didn’t change anything. (here)

Could it have been a coincidence and restarting the PC solved the issue for example?