AudioRelay 0.12.1


There’s a few behind the scene improvements to both the server and the client in this release.

  • If the app is displaying packet loss or ordering issues when you use it, you should definitely try this new version.
  • If you selected AudioTrack in the settings, you should experience less audio latency.

Please install both the server and the Android app if you want to test it.

Feel free to leave a comment if you notice either positive or negative changes. :+1:




Android client

  • [w/ Server 0.12] The Android app now reorders unordered network packets instead of discarding them
    • This will greatly reduce audio hiccups when AudioRelay is displaying the ordering as “NOT OK”
  • [w/ Server 0.12] The app will try to recover from packet loss in exchange for a bit of additional latency
  • Fixed incorrect buffer size calculations when using the “AudioTrack” audio output
    • This will result in a decrease of noticeable audio latency
    • Although the reported buffer probably be will higher than before
  • Added translations for German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Romanian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese
  • Hopefully fixed a rare startup crash

Windows server

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the server from using a lot of CPU when the PC made network or audio changes
  • The server discovery should now work more reliably
  • The server will now show an error when it can’t accept connections due to a socket error (instead of silently failing :roll_eyes:)
  • Audio losses could occur during high CPU usage, the audio will now be delayed instead of outright lost
  • Added a new line that shows how long it takes to receive the audio from the system
  • Added an option to remove the automatic error reporting

Edit: Updated links to 0.12.1 versions

The server update is now available in-app, and 0.12.1 for Android is rolling out.