Audio Relay 0.27.5 (Err Child Process exited with code 1)

I have a pertinent problem regarding the error reported in the topic title.
I looked for help on the forum on the official website of the AudioRelay program and realized that it wasn’t just me who was having this type of problem. Support provided a way to solve this problem for other users and they reported that the problem was resolved.

I tested all these ways informed by support:

"* In c:\Program Files (x86)\AudioRelay\app\

  • Delete AudioRelay.cfg
  • Then rename AudioRelay.cfg.pre-win10 to AudioRelay.cfg.
  • Start AudioRelay"

"* Run cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\AudioRelay"

  • Run `.\runtime\bin\java.exe -cp “app/audiorelay.jar;app/log4j-core-2.17.1.jar;app/log4j-api-2.17.1.jar;app/disruptor-3.4.4.jar” > %USERPROFILE%/desktop/output.log 2>&1"

"* cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\AudioRelay"

  • .\runtime\bin\java.exe -Xms100m -Xmx200m -XX:+UseZGC -cp "app/audiorelay.jar;app/log4j-core-2.17.1.jar;app/log4j-api-2.17.1.jar;app/disruptor-3.4.4.jar" > %USERPROFILE%/desktop/output.log 2>&1"

It ended up not solving my problem. Please I need help, thank you!