Audio output delay on older phone

I have an old Lenovo Vibe k5 note phone that I want to use it an audio relay machine (I almost have no other use for it), but I have about 100-300ms of delay on that phone, the weird part is that the app reports 100ms of buffer and less than 2 or 3ms in latency, yet the sound comes out much later.
The phone is fairly old and low-end so maybe that’s the issue but it’s not terribly ancient, I’ve already tried uninstalling and disabling every single app I don’t use and it didn’t change much.
I have another Samsung Galaxy A12 that has minimal delay that’s unnoticeable, with the app reporting the same buffer and latency delays as the Lenovo but it’s just faster for some reason…
Any ideas? Thanks

There’s nothing you can do I think.

According to this site (heavy page, don’t visit on your phone :slightly_smiling_face:), your device has a reported audio latency of ~300 ms.

Could you verify what’s the reported buffer if you switch to the AudioTrack output in the app’s settings? It could be more accurate than when using OpenSL.

Wow, okay I see, that’s very unfortunate, thanks for the info.
The reported buffer is 130-150ms (latency says 0.4ms) on AudioTrack.