Audio delays, loss


I have the same issues, works perfectly fine except for the audio delays and cuts. I have about 20% loss as stated by the app on the phone.

Im using windows 10 home edition, latest updates.
Phone is a huawei 20 lite mate emui 10 (latest updates)

Im sitting in front of the pc and phone is right next to the pc. The wifi modem is 5 feets away from me, no wall in between us.

I have authorized app to not be stopped when in back-ground to make sure it wasnt the issue but no. I have rebooted my phone and pc, reconnected and still get the same loss.

I have tried changing the audio options in the app but its not helping.

Hello @Kiff_4free,

I’ve implemented something to deal with the occasional packet loss, but 20% seems like a lot. :thinking:
Even though it’s not a guaranteed success, would you mind testing it a bit?