Audio Clipping

So I have recently started using AudioRelay on my Galaxy S7 Edge because my headphone jack on my laptop stopped working
I have never had issues with the audio kinda dying for a millisecond or two and continuing to work until now
I have gotten a new phone (Honor 20e) and I have started having these problems
I have 5% loss and no it’s not my network
I have 1200 Mb/s wifi and I don’t think that could be the problem
My ping is 9ms in the app
I don’t know how to fix this problem
Can someone help please?

Thanks in advance - Leaking Oil


In addition to the packet loss, the app is displaying “NOT OK” for the ordering too, right?
Hopefully, this weekend I’ll have new versions for you to test that should help, stay tuned!


If you’re up for it, please test this new version :slight_smile: