Allow configuration of the Desktop's Player

It’s been a while since I’ve been researching and testing everything to get lossless quality with the lowest possible ping in a wired connection between 2 PCs, the goal is to make them almost as one with almost instantaneous exchange and shared audio without compromises.

I went through the voicemetter which has a lot of settings like the bitrate and buffer but the latency is not good and the mode that is good requires wdm exclusive mode, this creates other problems.

In this AudioRelay project I found a very good latency and the audio quality is good too but I didn’t find any way to configure either the buffer or the bitrate or anything to be honest, am I doing it wrong or is there something hidden? I don’t mind paying for a version that has these options, I really don’t mind because it was the closest to solve the problem but I didn’t find that option either (for PC).

Is there any way to tune those settings on the PC?