Airpods mono output with mic enabled

The existing functionality is outstanding.

But the audio output in airpods becomes monophonic (with reduced quailty) when both mic & audio turned on.
I googled the same with pubg mobile app where they are solved the problem.

Is it possible to fix it? Or is this hardware unsolvable behaviour?


Airpods with both output & mic functionality enabled.

Android 10

AudioRelay 0.24.7

Hi @Valentino_S,

I don’t see anything to change that.

It seems they didn’t “fix” anything though. One user in the threads says that the game now uses the phone’s mic instead instead of the Airpod’s one. You can already do that in AudioRelay.

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Thank you a lot. I see.
It’s bluetooth protocol limitations.

However AudioRelay offers most proper advanced functionality.
God bless you for this product.

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