ASIO drivers Support

As seen in this topic Incompatibilities with PCI sound card (Asio Drivers).
Is is needed by anyone else?

I am going to start testing this app to do live broadcast as a replacement for the on camera mic. I do live events and this app could be a God send. I have a FireWire asio profire 2626. Also M-Audio usb Fasttrack.

Hello peeps - Newbie on-line. Ooooh yesssss pleeeeease , knocked audio jack on laptop and now no audio. I use AudioRelay as my main audio o/p via tethered Andriod phone :slight_smile:

However the high latency for the Windows audio system makes it impossible to record or play live, both audio and midi data. The asio driver I use is called ASIO4ALL and seems pretty universal and worsk across the board of most sound cards and can be found at along with loads of info.